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    DYNAMIC CONTROL Driven by thermography
    Check out our brand new die temperature control system!
  • NEW

    DTC - 4H
    • Modular DTC designed to connect up to 4 radiometric infrared cameras, to capture and measure the surface temperature of mould figures with very deep cavities.
    • Ideal for mould control of components such as engine blocks and gearboxes (using only 2 infrared cameras optically can not cover the entire shape of the mold and also the cavities).


Brand new Die Thermal Control unit helps you stay cool in the heat of die casting.

How Thermograms will help you to optimize your production process.

Watch a video of the DTC in the die casting industry

In the die-casting industry, thermography is a highly used technology that helps to understand how to obtain the best thermal balance of the mould by mainly acting on thermoregulation and proper application of the release agent.

With its 20 years of experience in supplying portable thermal imaging cameras in foundries, INPROTEC IRT has transpose the request from customers by delivering the first Thermography System for die-casting process control for Factory 4.0.

“Smart production” means new production technologies that create connection between all the elements present in the production. That is, they create the ideal working conditions to maximize potential and coordinate operators, machines, tools and management. The “Die Thermal Control” DTC system developed in collaboration with Chem-Trend is an "open" system that fully meets the requirements of "Factory 4.0" with:

  • No. 40 I/O for interfacing and integration with other devices
  • No. 2 Analog inputs for future applications
  • Interfaces with peripherals as Spray Lubrication heads, Thermoregulation units, HPDC machines, etc.
  • Customization required by the customer

After sales support and technical assistance

The DTC system comes in standard configuration with:

  • remote support
  • updates, using iOS (iPhone), Android, with Wi-Fi keys
  • Ethernet Connection

DTC System

Main page on Panel PC of the management software.


Download the Catalog

Download the catalog of the Die Thermal Control (DTC) system


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